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Welcome to CBA Nigeria

The Christian Booksellers Association Nigeria (CBAN) is the Nigerian chapter of the Christian Trade Association International (CTAI) with headquarters in Colorado Springs, United States of America. CTAI is a worldwide association of nations, companies and individuals committed to fulfilling the Great Commission through the distribution of Christian resources.

CTAI draws its origin from Christian Booksellers’ Association (CBA) International. CBA was founded in 1950 by a group of suppliers in the USA led by Moody Press to encourage the growth and development of the then infant Christian retail industry... read more

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Upcoming Events

Nigerian National Book Fair 2018

You are cordially invited to exhibit at the National Book Fair 2018 which is scheduled to hold from Sunday 25th Nov to 1st Dec 2018 at St James Cathedral Church, Oke Bola, Ibadan, Nigeria. Registration is in progress. Don't miss this Ibadan 2018 National book.

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About us

The activities of CBAN include the annual National Bookfair is organized to showcase Christian products such as Bibles, literature, music, films, apparels and gift items. Membership is spread across all the geo-political zones in Nigeria namely:

  • Western Region
  • Eastern Region Region

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Christian Booksellers seek end…

Christian Booksellers drawn from across the nation recently held a three-day training and worship seminar in Lagos. The training was organised by the Christian Booksellers Association of Nigeria (CBAN) in collaboration with the Christian Trade Association International (CTAI), Colorado, United States of America (USA).

Posted on 10.05.2012 (in Blog)

Mending a Broken Heart

INTRODUCTION The growing and increasing numbers of broken relationships/Marriages and frustrations in families are becoming alarming especially in around the world. There is a staggering statistic over 70 percent single parenting in the USA alone. Well, 50 percent of this resulting from one form of disappointment or another.  Something must be done most urgently, else the generations yet unborn w...

Posted on 11.02.2013 (in Blog)

Christian Trade Training Offer…

During the last two weeks of May, ChristianTrade Association International (CTAI) and the Christian Booksellers Association Nigeria (CBAN) combined forces to train over 75 retailers and publishers in two Nigerian cities. Jack Scott, ChristianTrade’s Director of Training and Member Development, taught a three-day “Professional Retailer Institute” in Lagos May 23-25, and a two-day institute in Kadun...

Posted on 11.06.2012 (in Blog)

Market Place Success Principle…

INTRODUCTION The market place principles of success has been around for a while but has been addressed by different people in different places by different names. These Principles have and adopted by great minds in Businesses, Art and Sciences. It addresses the question of standing in integrity in a perverse world and economy as we have now. How do you remain faithful and straight as a Christian ...

Posted on 31.01.2013 (in Blog)