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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

ChristianTrade International returns to CBA

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – ChristianTrade Association International ceased operations June 30, and CBA, the Association for Christian Retail, has begun to transition international initiatives back to CBA. ChristianTrade spun off from CBA in 2005.

ChristianTrade’s closing will not affect the Aug. 22-23 Korea Christian Rights Fair in Seoul, South Korea, or other local chapter programs and initiatives.

To help ensure the international mission continues CBA is providing ChristianTrade’s members options to continue existing memberships and benefits without charge directly with CBA.

“We are very saddened by ChristianTrade’s closing, but CBA wants to see the work continue. Our desire is to maintain international services and possibly create something new,” said CBA President Curtis Riskey.

ChristianTrade Chairman Jean-Luc Cosnard, publisher of Editions Vida in Nimes, France, said ChristianTrade has furthered Christian-product distribution by developing local organizations that support Christian publishing and distribution around the world.

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Mending a Broken Heart


The growing and increasing numbers of broken relationships/Marriages and frustrations in families are becoming alarming especially in around the world. There is a staggering statistic over 70 percent single parenting in the USA alone. Well, 50 percent of this resulting from one form of disappointment or another.  Something must be done most urgently, else the generations yet unborn will not forgive us.

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Tell the News

A Jewish official came to Jesus, knelt down before him, and said “My daughter has just died, but come and lay your hands on her and she will live.” Then Jesus went into the official’s house.When he saw the musicians for the funeral and the people all stirred up, he said, “Get out everybody. This little girl is not dead she is only sleeping! “Then they all started making fun of him. But as soon as the people had been put out Jesus went into the girl’s room and took hold of her hand, and she got up. “The news about this spread all over that part of the country (Mathew 9:18-26).

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The Benefit of Collaboration (In The Face of a Depressed Economy – The Nigerian Experience)

"Two are better than one. If one falls down his friend can help him up" – Eccl 4:9-10

"A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.." Eccl 4:12b


In the 2009 edition of the CBAN Anchor magazine, I addressed the issue of pricing especially as it impacts the bottom line in an economic recession scenario. This issue has continued to plaque the Christian book industry in Nigeri

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Market Place Success Principles for People of Faith


The market place principles of success has been around for a while but has been addressed by different people in different places by different names. These Principles have and adopted by great minds in Businesses, Art and Sciences. It addresses the question of standing in integrity in a perverse world and economy as we have now. How do you remain faithful and straight as a Christian in the mist of unbelievers and corrupt official?

It is important to say that the best place to learn about life and its complexities is in the work or market place. We shall talk about the design of man in a later paragraph. Man is design a work person, therefore must know when to say yes or no to evil advances and unhealthy compromise.

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Tips for buying inventory for your bookstore

  1. Buying for your store is more than looking at a piece of merchandise and saying ‘I love it and I’ll take it.’ Buy merchandise only when you see a real advantage or opportunity.

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Christian booksellers cry out over piracy

Federal Government was, yesterday, urged to enforce the law on piracy in the country to enable authors and book publishers benefit from their labours.

President of the Christian Booksellers  Association Nigeria, CBAN, Mrs Modupe Ehirim, made the call in Lagos at the opening of the 2012 convention and book fair.

She said the book publishing industry was confronted with the activities of the pirates on a scale much larger than anything the country had ever experienced.

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Christian Trade Training Offers Support and Encouragement to Nigerian Booksellers on Fight Against Piracy

During the last two weeks of May, ChristianTrade Association International (CTAI) and the Christian Booksellers Association Nigeria (CBAN) combined forces to train over 75 retailers and publishers in two Nigerian cities. Jack Scott, ChristianTrade’s Director of Training and Member Development, taught a three-day “Professional Retailer Institute” in Lagos May 23-25, and a two-day institute in Kaduna May 28-29.

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Christian Booksellers seek end to Piracy

Christian Booksellers drawn from across the nation recently held a three-day training and worship seminar in Lagos. The training was organised by the Christian Booksellers Association of Nigeria (CBAN) in collaboration with the Christian Trade Association International (CTAI), Colorado, United States of America (USA).

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Govt,Church Leaders Tasked on Fight Against Piracy

Lagos — A call has gone out to governments at all levels, church leaders and teachers to join hands and wage war against piracy.

Speaking at the three-day training at the Professional Retail Institute for Booksellers in Lagos, yesterday, the lead facilitator and Director of Training, Christian Association International, CTAI, Mr. Jack Scott, said piracy makes inferior goods to be supplied to readers at cheaper prices to the detriment of the original owners.

Scott described Nigeria as unique, saying that marketing of Christian literature needs a lot of vigour as the people had developed reading culture, which makes for competition and growth.

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