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Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Blog / Christian Booksellers seek end to Piracy

Christian Booksellers seek end to Piracy

Christian Booksellers drawn from across the nation recently held a three-day training and worship seminar in Lagos. The training was organised by the Christian Booksellers Association of Nigeria (CBAN) in collaboration with the Christian Trade Association International (CTAI), Colorado, United States of America (USA).

The CBAN’s Executive Vice President and CTAI Board Member, Segun Asaba, explained that the seminar under the association’s Professional Retail Institute for Book Sellers is aimed at updating booksellers on strategies for effective marketing of Christian literature and other materials.He said the workshop was for leaders, senior church workers, decision makers, managers, frontline staff, accountants and everyone involved in the book selling chain.Asaba said through the training, the skills of the booksellers and their workers will be developed and improved upon for greater successes and satisfaction of their customers.

Former CBAN President, Mrs. Esther Aworinde, called on participants to make good use of the training, adding that the programme is a value- added initiative of the association.She noted that the lead facilitator, Jack Scott, is a teacher and marketer with a lot to offer from his experiences on the field spanning over 30 years.

Scott described Nigeria as unique, saying that marketing of Christian literature needs a lot of vigour as people have developed reading culture, which makes for competition and growth.For Christian booksellers to be successful, Scott said he must know how to source the products and make them available for the readers. Such bookseller, he added, must be adaptable to changes and sensitive to happenings around him. Scott called for concerted efforts by governments, church leaders and teachers to wage war against piracy, which he said, makes inferior goods available to readers at cheaper prices to the detriment of the original owners of the works.

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