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Sunday, October 17, 2021
Blog / Market Place Success Principles for People of Faith

Market Place Success Principles for People of Faith


The market place principles of success has been around for a while but has been addressed by different people in different places by different names. These Principles have and adopted by great minds in Businesses, Art and Sciences. It addresses the question of standing in integrity in a perverse world and economy as we have now. How do you remain faithful and straight as a Christian in the mist of unbelievers and corrupt official?

It is important to say that the best place to learn about life and its complexities is in the work or market place. We shall talk about the design of man in a later paragraph. Man is design a work person, therefore must know when to say yes or no to evil advances and unhealthy compromise.

 Let us take a look at some of these principles that will cause you to excel in the market place:


The Market place success begins with acknowledging your frailty. That is, accepting that you do not know anything and that you brought nothing into this world and you are taking nothing back. But the impact you will leave behind as heritage should be of concern to you hence the need to accept from the onset that you are weak and need a superior power to see you through the many challenges in the business place. Accept from the onset that you need guidance from a superior power. You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you. The world tells you that you can accomplish anything you set your mind on but Jesus says without “ME” you can do nothing. John 15:5. The best place to acquire and accrue business sense and power to navigate through the complexities of life is from the conventional work or market place.  Many people in your market place may not know much of what you know the reason is because Christ says The secret of the kingdom of heaven have been given for you to know, but it has not been given to them” Matthew 13:11.

 People who know their limitations and who know God and his power can be people of influence. Their self-worth comes from God and relationship with Him and not from people’s praise and affirmation of people.


The blue print of man calls for us all to be capable in the world of the kingdom business and commercial. It calls for the totality of man to be brought in place in order to leave a legacy of the fruit of hard work and it resultant effects behind for the generation yet unborn.

From my many years of working experience, Christian perspective has taught me that man is designed a work person who must bring his whole being t bear on his work to succeed. 

Since the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, man has been cursed by God to eat out of the sweat of his face by cultivating the earth that will bring forth food among others for him weeds and thorns. “…Curse is the ground for your sake in toil you shall eat of it all the day of your life. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for you, and shall eat herb of the field. In Sweat of your face you shall eat bread till you return to the ground.” Gen. 3: 17-18. 

To toil in this case means hard work. Let me tell you something; though ground was cursed for man God in His mercy did not remove his wisdom, and ability to do things from man he still provided a means for him to feed his family. 

The Book of proverbs and other books of the Bible talk extensively about how we can use our God given talents and ability to perform our duties most effectively and efficiently.

Since we have establish the fact that man is a WORK DESIGN I want you to know that work was not just something for men and women to do like a kind of mandatory cosmic aerobic class or exercise but amazingly, God designs work to be a deep participation in the life and work of God himself. The purpose was to take absolutely good care of his creation (human or natural) as He himself would do.  Read this “Then the Lord took man and put him in the Garden of Eden to tend and keep it” Genesis 2:15.


However, the issue of calling cannot be over emphasized especially those directly in the ministry. We are individually called by God to fill a position in the work place. This, every believer must understand. We are there-at the market place, to carry out the plans of God for our generation. To succeed therefore, we all need to be certain of our calling into the ministry or vocation.


We must by all means avoid corruption, stealing and cheating at workplace. We must be honest and morally up right. In the workplace we must be seen has a man of integrity and sound value system. INTEGRITY in the work place means when someone ask you at the end of the day, “Did you do your best?” You can look him in the eye and say “Yes” Integrity means this; When someone ask you if you could have done it better, you can honestly say “NO, I did my best”.

Integrity in the market place also means admitting your shortcoming and asking God to improve you by His grace. It means you have to work at developing your strength and to compensate for your weakness. Integrity is telling the truth and living it.


Any man or woman with poor temperament is immature and will soon loose his/her influence. Influence makes a leader in the work place. A man or woman that cannot control his anger will soon loose out in the market place. The study of customer behavior reveals that we deal with different clientele and customer with different attitude and outlook of life. It is our duty to be patient, fast listeners and slow to anger. A gentle answer the Bible says “turns away wrath” Your attitude to work and your associates or colleagues will tell how successful you will be in life. Your attitude will tell how much business you bring or loose.


To be humble does not mean dump, stupid or low esteem. Humility is synonymous with meekness. It is a gift of God and is a fruit of the Spirit. It is a trait not exclusively for Christian in the work place or market place but it distinguished secular leaders who choose to place the well being of their organizations above their own statues and prosperity. Humility does not mean weakness rather it is a state of heart that does not see himself beyond how God sees him/her. It therefore a state of accepting that you need others better than you they need you.

Humility is an inevitable by-product of an intimate relationship with God. As Christians in the market place, we are unique in the business world. Our master is Jesus. He humbles himself to the cross praying for the forgiveness of the sins of the world he came to die for.

Humble people are modest in all they do and they admit easily their wrongs and willing to accept advice. They go about their duties diligently and with integrity because their approval is from God. 

Pride will blind the face of the proud from danger and predisposes him to calamities. It is the most insidious and destructive sin to assault Christian business people.


Working as a team in the market or work place is an advantage. Nothing succeeds in the market place than work as a team. It reduces risk and creates a stress free environment and help to leverage every aspect of our work or duties.


  1. Do all things without complain. Keep a positive Spirit. Take responsibility for your action but be careful of costly mistakes. 
  2.  What you say. Words aptly chosen can encourage and energize others. Careless talks can debilitate you or someone listening. Do not speak harshly to others. Think before you talk rather than thinking after you talk.
  3.  Keep learning. The day a man stop learning that day he starts reducing. Read and study books, scriptures and Journals. Be smart; seek good counsel about your next deal. Understand you duties and roles.
  4.  Never seek the down fall of you team mate in any way possible.


Have vision of excellence and Set standard for excellence and back it with total integrity.

Everyone that must succeed must choose to be the best and excel in a particular area. Every leader in the market place shows commitment to excellence and they are enthusiastic about achieving it. 

The most motivational vision you can have for yourself and others is to BE THE BEST! Many people do not yet realized that excellent performance in serving other people is an absolute, basic essential for surviving in the economy of the future. Many individuals and companies still adhere to the idea that as long as they are no worse than anyone else, they can remain in business. That is just plain silly. It is prehistory thinking. We are now in the age of excellence. Customers or our clients will assume that they will get excellent quality, and if they don’t, they will go to our competitors so fast, people’s head will spin. Become well known in your field. 

Your ability to continue to expand your network of value contacts will save you years of hard work in reaching the same level of income.


Clarity accounts for probably 80 percent of success and happiness. Lack of clarity probably account for most frustration and confusion in the work place. In fact it accounts for most failure and underachievement in duties than any other single factor. That is why we say that that ‘”Success is goal, and all else is commentary”.

People with clear, written goals, accomplish far more in a shorter period of time than people without them could ever imagine. This is true everywhere and under any circumstances. Write and rewrite your goal. The more you think about it the clearer and the better you will become about it. The clearer you are about what you want, the more likely you are to do more and more of things that are consistent with achieving them. Meanwhile you will do fewer and fewer of the things that don’t help you.


There is a close association between personal charisma and success in life. Probably 85 percent of our success and happiness will come from our relationship and interactions with others. The more positively others respond to us the easier it will be for us to get things we want. 

The whole essence of life is to attract good and prosperity to ourselves. Your charisma is your God given inherent attraction and likeness that no one else has and which can never be taken away from you. The law of attraction states that "we inevitably attract to our life the people and circumstances that harmoniously aligned with our thoughts". The law of attraction supports the notion that you can build up your level of charisma so that you can have greater and more positive impact on the people whose cooperation, support and affection you desire. How? By your thoughts and actions, become magnetic like a radio wave, using the principle of law of attraction.

Get ready for amazing change in your life.




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