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Sunday, October 17, 2021
Membership / Requirement

CBAN membership Requirements

  • The company must be duly registered with the corporate affairs commission.
  • Complete CBAN form application forms (500) and attach the following
    • A copy of your business registration or limited liability company certificate.
    • Two postcard sizes photograph each of inside and outside bookstore of operational centre.
    • Owner’s two passport (for identification card)
  • Must pay a registration fee of N2000
  • Must pay a monthly regional dues of:
    • N400 per company under category “C” or “D”
    • N1000 per company under the chartered category “A” or “B”
  • Must pay an annual due of:
    • Chartered members (main sponsors of the association)-N80,000
    • Category “A” members (Importers and publishers with multiple outlets and more than 20 titles. N60,000
    • Category”B” members (Companies with multiple outlets or publishers with more than 10 titles. N40,000
    • Category “C” members (Retailer store with more than one outlets, or publisher with more than one title. N20,000
    • Category “D” members (Retailer with one store or publisher with a book. N10,000

A branch office (outside registered head office) shall complete application forms (500) and pay regional dues based on head office status.

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